5 Costly Renovation Mistakes You Wish You Knew Before Starting

So you had the idea to make a change. You did your research, you budgeted for the project in both money and time. Then, three weeks over time and at three times the budget, you are finally done! Where did you go wrong?

Not Budgeting Enough

Deciding to do a home renovation project and then budgeting according to what it will cost for the parts to make a change to your home might seem like a good idea. However, unforeseeable problems are the hidden costs. Did you budget for having to replace the drywall behind the kitchen sink before you add the backsplash? How about adding structural support to the whirlpool tub in the new bath? Things can go wrong. Don’t forget to plan for the unseen things that might be lurking behind walls or under floors.

Measure Twice, Cut Once           

Mismeasuring a cut can be costly. Always make sure to confirm at least once that the size you are cutting your building materials to is the correct size. Estimating, guessing or “eyeballing it” will only serve to cause you a headache down the road. Make sure you measure accurately and if you aren’t sure, then check or have someone with expertise come help you make your measurements.

Forgetting the Prep Work

You have 10 gallons of paint sitting there on the living room floor. Do you really want to bother taking time to tape everything off? Human nature says skip it; professionals know that doing prep work is the key to a successful project. It might seem tedious and boring, but without the proper prep, projects go wrong. Take the time to get your prep work done and you will avoid having to redo or repair it.

Improper Scaling

So you have the layout of your new kitchen all planned out. But once you get the new counters, cabinets and sink in there, you realize the space is about three feet too short. Misjudging the size of the room and what can reasonably fit inside of it can be a very costly mistake. Take the time to measure the room, and then lay the room out very accurately on a drawing. Draw out the location of everything you are planning to add or change and see how much space is left. Compare that to the rooms in the rest of your house to see if what you are planning is reasonable and leaves space for people.

Hiring the Wrong Contractors

This can be the most costly mistake you can make. Contractors are experts in doing a job. You are the one who is the expert on what job you want them to do. If you hire contractors who typically do roofing to remodel a kitchen, you may find yourself in for a nasty surprise. Make sure that you hire the right contractors and you clearly convey your wishes and time table. Don’t let them slip.