Are You Making These Top 5 Home Selling Mistakes?

Selling a home can be a difficult task. You may have lived at the location for years, built a family and grown attached, or maybe you purchased your property to flip and resale. Either way, you need a quick return and profit on your investment. Many homeowners make simple mistakes that lead to poor performance on the market. Be sure you have success with selling your property by avoiding these top 5 home selling mistakes.

Avoiding Staging

Many homeowners are under the impression that staging a home is wasting unnecessary time and money. While it may be tempting to list your house as is, staging can grab you a bigger return much quicker. Take the time to paint, rearrange your decor, declutter and fix any cosmetic issues before you list your home. Agents and buyers that are deterred by the state of an un-staged home will give your house the reputation of being a bad property. Staging presents a well maintained home that is welcoming to potential buyers.


Some owners try and sell their property with a realtor that just cannot do the job properly, and others do not use a realtor at all. A great realtor can make a huge difference in your experience on the market. Using an experienced professional will bring you many potential buyers and get you a great return.

Skimping on the Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is the first thing your home will be judged on. You want your potential buyers to arrive at your property and be excited to continue their tour after what they see on the outside. If a buyer arrives and does not like the exterior of your home, their mood towards the house is sure to be negative immediately. Mow the grass, trim the hedges, purchase a few pots of fresh flowers and give the shutters a bit of touchup paint. Be sure the outside of your home is spruced up and inviting.

Price Inflation

Overpricing your home will deter potential buyers and could lead you to receiving an amount that is less than fair market value. Inflating the price you set for your home will only cause the house to sit longer on the market, and almost never works as a method for grabbing a great return. Using a professional to inspect and value your property will help you list your home for the right price, getting you the best return on your investment quickly.

Giving in to Emotions

Selling a home that you have lived in for a while can be very emotional. While it is easy to give in and let emotions set the value for the property or even select potential buyers, you have to detach yourself from the house to have success on the market. Put your personal life out of the home when you make the decision to sell. Create a space that buyers can see themselves living in and do not let your memories in the home affect your selling experience. Remember that you are seeking a return on your investment so that you may continue to build your life elsewhere.

Homeowners often make mistakes during the selling process that can be very costly. Get the most out of your investment by avoiding these 5 home selling mistakes.