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Buying A Foreclosured Property

In Canada we have an extremely low foreclosure rate compared with other parts of the world. By most estimates we currently hover at around 0.30%. The US is closer to 1.2%, and Greece is hitting as high as 33%.

Credit our tightly regulated lending environment for that rate not rising past 0.40%, even during the 2009 economic crisis.

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House Buying Negotiation Tips 101

Buyers are determined to get a great price on the home they want, and that involves negotiating. Many do not know how to properly negotiate prices and terms, leading to higher spending and even the high risk of completely losing the home.

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Signs You’ve Chosen the Wrong Realtor

The relationship between a homeowner or prospective home buyer and their real estate agent is a personal and important one. You need a Realtor you can trust and upon whom you can rely to keep your best interests at heart. Unfortunately, signing on with the wrong agent can result in a world of frustration and stress that you don’t need.

Right Realtor

Signs You’ve Chosen the Right Realtor

In our last blog, we looked at the red flags that might show you that you have made a poor choice in Realtors and you might want to consider a different one. Now we would like to change it up and look at the positive.

New Home Construction Framed with Wood Studs

The Dos and Don’ts of Buying Presale Condos

If you are looking to purchase a condo, buying presale or pre-construction, can be an attractive option. After all, it can seem like you might have some input in the design of the structure, and the pricing can seem like a deal.