Do I Need Professional Photography to Sell My Home?

There are so many costs that are associated with selling a home. Because of this, many sellers look to cut costs any way they can. Having professional photos taken seems like one of those things that it would be nice to be able to do if the money were available; but is it a necessity? It just may be.

Living in the Digital Age

In the past it might have been easy for sellers to just take a large amount of pictures and post them all. Sure, some of them might not look the best, but buyers would be able to tell that their home was the one they wanted. That time is past.

Curb-appeal no longer applies as most home buyers now do all of their research online instead of driving past a home before deciding to go inside. This means you are competing with a much larger number of other sellers than any other time in the past. One way to make your home stand out is by having a professional photographer take the pictures. Quality will sell over quantity now.

The Advantages of a Professional

A professional photographer, particularly one who specializes in part with doing real estate photography, is going to be able to make your home look its best. They are going to know what angles to take, what rooms to shoot and what ones might need a little work. All of these things might be missed by some cell phone shots taken hastily by yourself or your agent. Professionals have specialized cameras and lenses that can give the property you are trying to sell the best look possible. This means standing out above the competition.

Costs of a Professional

Most professionals are going to be available for under $500 for a real estate shoot. Again, with quality comes cost. Looking in the local magazine and choosing the lowest costing photographer there might not gain you a lot. Before choosing someone to shoot your house, ask to see their work.

The Importance of Staging

Once you have your photographer chosen, it is time to prepare your house. There are some things you can do before the day of the shoot as well as major pitfalls to avoid.

  • Never shoot an empty house. If your home is empty of furniture and other everyday items it may be hard for potential buyers to visualize how their things will fit into your home should they choose to buy. If possible, shoot the home before you move your things out. If not, there are services that can stage items for the shoot, but this will add to the costs.
  • Don’t shoot a cluttered home. Make sure things are clean and organized before the shoot. Clutter in pictures can give the impression of a dirty home that may turn off buyers.
  • Include a floor plan. This can help people put rooms in relation to the other rooms and give them a feel for the layout of the house.

Sure a home will sell without professional pictures, but it might take some time. Make sure to sell your home quickly and on your terms. Professional photographers can give you that advantage.

For more advice on how to sell your home on your terms, please visit our sellers page.