Does Feng Shui Really Affect How Much Your Home Can Sell For?

Feng shui is the ancient Chinese art of controlling energy flows. While there is some disagreement as to how specific aspects of how this concept works, the general ideas are widely accepted.

At its core, feng shui is a study of environmental psychology mixed with user-friendly interior design principles. Concepts like removing clutter and encouraging a natural flow from room to room are time-tested ways to improve the showing appeal of your home. Feng shui has studied practices like this and turned them into a veritable art.

But Can Feng Shui Improve Your Closing Price?

There is absolutely no guarantee that feng shui will improve the final sales price of your home. Factors like proper marketing, good location and a generally good state of repair all come well before feng shui in predicting closing price.

However, with all of the essentials out of the way, properly staging your home is vital. You will want to stimulate the buyers’ imagination rather than challenging it. In other words, put your home’s best foot forward and make a good impression to attract more buyers.

Feng shui can offer a lot of guidance in this scenario. Buyers have a greater chance of feeling more positive about a sale when you abide by certain principles. Here are a few general feng shui tips to get you started on thinking about how your home projects energy:

Make Your Entrance Inviting

Basic ideas of curb appeal translate to how your home’s energy is represented from the first approach. You will want a clean, balanced landscape with certain elements to catch the eye.

Make sure to clear out any excess shrubs or dead plants from crowding the path. A straight, natural path from the curb or driveway to the home’s front entrance is best.

Have a bright, cheery-looking door flanked by two small but beautiful flowering plants. These will feel like a “welcoming party” as the buyer crosses your threshold.

Draw People Into Rooms

Never have your furniture impeding a room’s entrance. Also, never have the furnitures’ backs to the buyer as they walk in. You will want them to feel as if the furniture is pulling them in and inviting them to sit.

A beautiful art object like a vase or painting can attract the eye. Decorative features like these anchor a room and give it presence.

Less is More

One of feng shui’s most important ideas is that of minimalism. Too many objects bounce energy around, causing attention to flit about and eventually creating stress.

Clear out as much clutter as you can when showing the home, especially personal objects or interests such as sports memorabilia. Try to have a few objects and pieces arranged in a balanced way.

A room should never feel sparse, but there should be plenty of area to move about. Open visual spaces communicate uninhibited energy and higher potential. Coordinated colors can enhance this effect.

Get Some Help from a Pro

All of these ideas can help make your home look nicer, but they cannot fix a mismanaged home selling process. You will want an experienced real estate agent to ensure that your property is ready to list, you have set a fair market price and that you are targeting the right market to find the best buyers.