House Buying Negotiation Tips 101

Buyers are determined to get a great price on the home they want, and that involves negotiating. Many do not know how to properly negotiate prices and terms, leading to higher spending and even the high risk of completely losing the home. It is important to know when and where to begin your negotiations, and when to stop. Your goal as a homebuyer is to get a good property that meets your needs at a fair market price.

Be Ready for Negotiation

Often times, it is not the seller who is unwilling to negotiate, but the buyer. The price they want to pay has been previously set in mind, and some are too stubborn to increase. Do the math before you decide you are paying too much over budget. Increasing an offer by $5,000 will only raise your monthly bill roughly $20. You do not want to lose a great property over a few extra bucks.

Think Value

Do your research and become familiar with the local market before you even look at the home. When the negotiating begins, it is important to know how the house you desire to own compares to others selling in the same neighborhood. If the home is priced at or below current market value, you are unlikely to purchase at an even lower price. Understanding that you already have a great deal will save you time and money.

If the home is priced above market value or has been sitting for an extended period, you may be able to get the home with a lower offer. A professional real estate agent who knows the area can be a great asset in assisting you with making good choices based on market value.

Be Prepared to Jump

The market can be very competitive. Most houses do not sit on the market for long periods and are snatched up quickly. If you find a house that meets your wants and needs, be prepared to move and make an offer.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

A lot of buyers tend to lowball their first offer, hoping to purchase the home at a steal. This rarely ever works in the home buyer’s favor, and they often lose the house. Homeowners are offended by very low offers and become unwilling to negotiate further.

If there is the potential that multiple bids are placed on the home, you want yours to stand out and be competitive. Be sure to put your best foot forward and place an offer that shows you are serious and ready to win the home.

Always Ask

After you have had a home inspection completed, there may be repairs and concessions that you want made before purchasing the home. If you do not ask to have these included and completed, it will not happen. Remember, you are in control once you have an accepted offer; use this to your advantage.

Keep in mind that you have a goal. Not to win at your starting bid amount or to purchase at record low prices, but to buy a property that best meets your wants and needs at fair value. Knowing when to begin and end negotiations will ensure you accomplish this task.