How to Choose a Good Real Estate Lawyer or Notary

Buying a new home is often an overwhelming experience. There is a lot of paperwork and a large amount of money involved. It is helpful to have a lawyer or notary by your side when closing a real estate deal to assist with the process.

A real estate lawyer will guide you through the home buying process by ensuring paperwork is correct and your rights are protected. A notary will notarize your documents to ensure they are signed correctly and willingly. Read the tips below to find out how to choose the best lawyer or notary for you.

Start Early

Do not wait until the last minute to choose a lawyer. If you start your search early, you will have more time to find a good lawyer. You should begin looking for a lawyer when you begin looking for a new home.

A good lawyer is always looking out for his clients’ best interests and are generally very busy. Because of this, more popular real estate lawyers may be hired by the seller before you can contact them. If you start the search for a lawyer too late, you risk choosing one that does not suit your needs.

Do Your Research

Researching potential lawyers is one of the most important steps in the search for representation. A good lawyer will fit certain roles. You need to make sure the lawyer you choose is reputable, experienced and affordable. When you are researching, look at lawyers’ websites to learn about their background, experience and credentials. Real estate transactions should be your lawyer’s specialty. Having a high success track record and reviews that show he cares about his clients is a good indication that he is a good lawyer.

Likewise, there are certain aspects that will show if the notary you are considering is a good notary. Of course, every notary public is licensed, but check for other certifications. A very prestigious certification comes from the National Notary Association. If your notary has this verification, they are likely very good at what they do. Of course, choosing a notary that dresses and acts like a professional is always a plus.

Ask for Recommendations

Friends and family can help you find the right lawyer or notary, too. Ask people you know who have recently purchased a home to recommend a lawyer. Since they have been through the same process, they are good resources for finding out more about a lawyer’s or notary’s reputation, business style, cost and experience.

You can ask your real estate agent for recommendations, as well. Just be sure your agent is not affiliated with his recommended lawyer.

Schedule an Interview or Consultation

Many lawyers offer free consultations. Schedule meetings with potential lawyers to get a better sense of their business practice, experience, fees and background. You can use this time to determine whether or not a lawyer will be a good fit for you. But, once again, you need to get started early when trying to find a lawyer to find one that works best for your interests.

Use this list to assist you in your hunt for a good real estate lawyer or notary. Doing so will guarantee that your interests are protected in any kind of real estate purchase.