Signs You’ve Chosen the Right Realtor

In our last blog, we looked at the red flags that might show you that you have made a poor choice in Realtors and you might want to consider a different one. Now we would like to change it up and look at the positive. Many people have found the ideal partner in their search for a new home, and these are a few signs that you have a great real estate agent in your corner.


If you make an appointment to meet your agent at a home, at their office or anywhere else and they are always on time or even early, that is a sign that they care about the work they are doing, and that they are happy to make you a priority. Punctuality is a sign that this is someone upon whom you can rely to tackle the details when needed.

Licensure and References

If your Realtor has a proper certification and license, they should be proud to display it. Many agents wear a gold “R” pin as a sign of proper training and education. Any agent who is certified and properly licensed should be willing and eager to show off their credentials when asked. Only a licensed agent has the experience, training and education to help you navigate the waters of a real estate purchase.

Discerning Tastes

A good agent will put your needs as a client ahead of their desire for a paycheck. Rather than taking you to every house in the area and pushing you to make a decision, a good Realtor will get to know you as a person and will sometimes even be able to tell the moment you walk into a home that it may not be the best fit for you. The best agents will want to find homes that are right in line with what you want in a new house.

Strong Communication

Your agent should always be available for you, whatever and whenever you need. They should answer phone calls and return emails and texts promptly. A good line of communication is the sign of an organized and detail-oriented person. Every excellent agent has to be, at his or her core, a talented task and project manager.

They Care

Often, you are not just buying a home, but selling yours at the same time. Your agent needs to get a feel for your house and have solid suggestions on getting it cleaned up and staged for sale. They should show a great interest in helping you put your home’s best foot forward so potential buyers will be awestruck the moment they enter!

In the end, when partnering with a Realtor you simply want to look for signs that they care, not just about the business of real estate, but about you as a person. Go with your gut. If you simply do not have a good rapport with an agent, you can always seek another. Remember, this is a partnership. The stronger the relationship is, the more profitable it will be on both sides.