Signs You’ve Chosen the Wrong Realtor

The relationship between a homeowner or prospective home buyer and their real estate agent is a personal and important one. You need a Realtor you can trust and upon whom you can rely to keep your best interests at heart. Unfortunately, signing on with the wrong agent can result in a world of frustration and stress that you don’t need. A good Realtor should be alleviating stress, not causing more. Here are a few signs that you may have chosen the wrong realtor.

Perpetual Lateness

If your realtor is constantly late for appointments, whether it is to view homes or do paperwork, you could have a problem. Realistically, everyone has life issues that interfere with appointments from time to time. But if the lateness is chronic and constant, this means you may not be a priority for your agent and it could be time to rethink the association.

Non-Licensed Realtors

If your Realtor is not a licensed agent, you may run into problems. There are tons of amateurs and scam artists out there who simply do not have the qualifications to help you out. These men and women may just be out for profit. They certainly are not bound by the licensed Realtor code of ethics that binds your agent to do their best to serve your needs.

Poor Communication

If your agent is impossible to get hold of, you may want to consider another agent. Do you call them five or six times before they get back to you? Do your emails and texts never seem to get responses, even to acknowledge receipt? Communication is vital to the job of a real estate agent. If yours can’t be bothered to talk to you, how can they help you buy or sell a home?

The “Look at Everything” Approach

This one is a bit more subtle, but does your agent insist on showing you hundreds of homes in the space of a week? Do they push you to look at homes that you have no interest in seeing? This could be a sign of an agent who is desperate to get you to buy. Showing everything can soon turn into pressure to buy and suggestions that you might never find what you want.

A good agent is patient and understanding. A good agent wants to help you find exactly the home that speaks to your heart. If they are not taking this approach, they may not be right for you.

Lack of Respect for Your Home

If your agent promises you the world but cannot be bothered to lend a hand with staging and organizing your house for sale, this can be a problem. There are even horror stories of agents that let people into homes and do not walk with them. This shows a lack of respect, not just for you, but for your home.

If your agent is showing signs of being wrong for your needs, the best thing you can do is let them go and find an agent who can better serve your interests.