Top 10 Tips For DIY Landscaping

Your yard is an important representative for the rest of your property. To help ensure that your real estate looks great outside as well as in before a sale, consider the following tips:

1. Clear Out the Dead Stuff

Chop down or pull out anything that is completely dead. Dead plants drag down the entire feel of your yard. For plants that could come back, hew them down until only live parts remain.

2. Reduce “Clutter” in Your Landscape

We tend to let nature do its thing when it comes to our yards. Selling is the time to take charge again.

Cut away any undergrowth that is not an explicitly desirable flower, shrub or tree. Do not be shy about hacking down something before you know what it is — it will probably grow back soon. Species like bamboo and privet should be removed without prejudice, as they are invasive and grow like weeds.

3. Shape Hedges and Trees

You will want any trees overhanging your front yard or driveway to have a minimal amount of branches. Too many can lead to “bushy” growth that blocks out the sunlight. Lop off any of the smaller boughs and branches you care to and let only the strong, healthy ones remain.

Likewise, cut hedges near the home or front lawn down until they are small and shapely.

4. Fill in Holes

Runoff and sinkholes can plague some yards. Fill these spots in with sand and gravel and top them off with a dose of mulch or dirt to make the land evenly-graded.

5. Create Planting Areas

Once you have dealt with the riff-raff, it is time to start adding beauty. Decide on a spot near the front of your lawn or the home’s entrance to plant some gorgeous seasonal flowers.

6. Add Mulch

Mulch can help your yard look organized and well-kept. Add it to most of your non-grassy areas, including trees and flower beds. Use a color that flatters your home, such as red pine mulch or deep black mulch.

7. Use Edging

Edges on planting areas and along your driveway can transform your yard into a stately affair. Use materials like wood, metal or stone for the best effect. Plastic materials are also acceptable in some instances.

8. Add Paths

Create stepping stones to give people an excuse to meander. Pavers and flagstone look the best.

Paths should always end up somewhere interesting or useful. For instance, have them lead from the parking space to the front path, or cut along a side yard to reach the back.

9. Create Spots of Interest

Add a simple garden fountain or a planting area to an otherwise unused portion of your side or backyard. Consider including a park bench or an interesting objet d’art to give people a reason to linger. Trellises are another simple way to beautify your landscape and add the appearance of order.

10. Use Potted Plants and Planters When You Don’t Want to Dig

A few potted plants on your front porch can help visitors feel “greeted” when they walk up. Window boxes are particularly appreciated since they can be enjoyed both outside and in.

These tips will help freshen up your yard and turn it into a selling feature of your home.